A stellar customer experience propels your hospitality business into hyper profitability mode

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How It Works

Guests scan our QR code and load on their smartphone the menu of the venue they are at

They send their order for preparation directly from their phone

The staff receives all orders on their phones or tablets and prepares them

The staff workload is reduced by 50%

Guests enjoy an improved customer experience

Spending per person increases by up to 30%


E-Wand is a lifestyle application that turns your customer journey into a seamless and comfortable experience, resulting into high quality life moments and memories.

Our aim is to make the ordering process so easy that your guests will naturally order and order again. We are therefore working to release E-Wand in a variety of languages.

We will provide you with all the necessary tools to deploy our solution in your venue.

Our team will upload your menu and get you all set to operate your business with E-Wand.

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